More than 30 new photos and tips in New York Guide!

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More than 30 new photos and tips in New York Guide!

The photographer J. D. Cink has added more than 30 photos and tips to her New York guide!

If you have already purchased the New York Guide, do not forget to update it in the application. It features the new photos with information about the location and photo tips from guide author.

New York is an impressive metropolis that truly never sleeps and has to be experienced first-hand. The city has a thousand faces and you can decide which one you want to see, and experience New York City the way you like it.

Those who love busy city life will feel in this vibrant metropolis right at home. New York City has also a lot to offer to those who love art, historical buildings, fashion and culture enthusiasts, fans of culinary cuisine, and those, who in the midst of the city’s turmoil look for relaxation and active recreation.

Let us show you the beauty of skyscrapers like Empire State Building, One World Center, Chrysler Building or Top of the Rock with amazing view of the City. Experience the cosmopolitan lifestyle and diversity of New York by exploring the various neighborhoods of Manhattan: SoHo, Tribeca, Greenwich village and more… Find useful tips before visiting the art galleries of MoMo, Metropolitan Museum of Art or Guggenheim.

Download the guide to your smartphone or tablet and find many useful tips for photographers, GPS location and EXIF setting for each photo. Improve your photography while traveling!


It’s very simple:

  1. Download FREE application Fripito in AppStore or GooglePlay
  2. Choose “My private New York” guide
  3. Purchase it through AppStore or GooglePlay and download the guide to your device.

Author of the guide J. D. Cink currently lives and woks in Belgium, but New York City has become her passion.

During her sabbatical year she thus decided to follow photography school there. She regularly returns to New York to continue her long-term project of documenting the life in her favorite city. Her preferred photographic objects are bridges and building facades as they offer numerous hidden patterns and structures.

In her photographs she tries to find harmony and beauty in everyday objects and situations which are not always evident at the first sight. The search for harmony helps her to face the everyday, sometimes rather monotonous, working life.


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