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Update your Moravian Tuscany guide!

The author Marek Svoboda has added new photos, travel & culinary tips to his Moravian Tuscany guide!

If you have already purchased the Moravian Tuscany Guide, do not forget to update it in the application for FREE. It features the new photos with information about the locations,  travel and local culinary tips from guide author.

Explore the Moravian Tuscany – amazing region of Southern Moravia where the long strips of brown and green fields stretch to the horizon and seem endless. From time to time the land is disrupted by some objects, poles, power lines and lonely chapels. It is one of the most photogenic locations in the Czech Republic and a similar landscape can be found in Tuscany (Italy), which is why this region near the town of Kyjov is called “Moravian Tuscany”.

Our new guide will show you the most attractive photo locations near village of Šardice, Mistřín, Stavěšice, Karlín, Strážovice, Žeravice and Milotice. And we will not forget the beautiful landscape of Pohansko with solitary oak trees, picturesque city of Kyjov and lovely Chateau of Kroměříž and its enchanting garden included in the UNESCO list.

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More about author of the guide:

Marek Svoboda is a photographer from Kyjov, from South Moravia. He works in IT as a technician; he doesn’t do photography professionally, he is more of an enthusiast and does it merely for the love of nature, countryside, and mountains. He specializes mainly in landscape photography, and wildlife photography. In landscapes, he looks for opportunities to capture interesting light, to create images with special atmosphere and some depth. Therefore, he prefers to shoot in the morning or later in the evening, when the sun is low and light becomes interesting, the landscape more plastic, and the colors more saturated and warm. Often, he looks out locations and then he returns to them, when the conditions allow it. His hobbies include sports, especially mountain biking and when possible, he likes to combine his sport activities with photography.

You can find his work on www.marapara.cz, as well as on the online Czech photo gallery “Rajče.net“ where you can see images from individual photo shoots: http://marapara.rajce.idnes.cz; you may also follow Marek Svoboda’s work on facebook https://www.facebook.com/maraparacz/.

Let’s also mention his cooperation with the photo stock server Scenerie: http://www.scenerie.cz, Profimedia: http://www.profimedia.cz, and the CzechTourism agency: http://www.czechtourism.cz.

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