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Fripito is mobile app with travel guides for photographers made by locals. We work every day to make your next photo trip of your dreams happen with our help.



Plan your dream photo trip

Fripito deliver photo guides for hundreds of destinations around the world offering not only information about accommodation, food and transport, but mainly tips on where to find interesting spots, local light conditions, recommended equipment and camera settings for a fraction of the price of printed tourist guides.


Travel like a photographer not a tourist

Fripito was made for photographers by local photographers. It does not matter if you prefer your mobile phone camera, a point and shoot or top of the line DSLR. Your experience does not matter either. What matters is to be in the right place at the right time, to catch the perfect light. That is why you will find no dry descriptions of historical monuments and tourist spots in our guides. What you will find are directions to quiet and interesting spots with instructions on how to capture their authentic atmosphere and spirit.


Always up-to-date

Every Fripito user can comment on the photographs and texts of our guides and help keep the information up-to-date. All published pictures and information are verified by a team of editors, ensuring the application offers only correct and up-to-date material.


Always with you

Fripito is an application for smartphones and tablets. It will travel with you anywhere you go. You can download all the necessary data to your device before your trip eliminating the need for Internet connection or signal coverage, making it easy to consult our guides in the middle of Africa, Peru’s deserts or Greenland’s glaciers.


Create your own guide

Fripito is open to all traveling photographers willing to share their good experiences. All you have to do is contact us and create your own guide using the provided template. After your guide is reviewed by our editors, it will be uploaded to the application and you can join the growing team of authors selling their guides on Fripito. More on Contribute page.


Download for free

Fripito is compatible with iOS 10, 9 or iOS 8 and Android from version 4.2.2. More information at download page.

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