Discover and explore China in 16 days!

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Discover and explore China in 16 days!

Huge, diverse, beautiful and unique! China offers countless wonderful places and breathtaking experiences. With our guide, however, you are visiting the locations where you meet the true life in rural China.

It is impossible to travel and get to know the whole of China during one trip. In our guide you will find a complet 16 days program to discover the southern China, one of the most beautiful regions of this immense country,  including the metropolis Shanghai, unique nature of Yangshuo and unbelievable rock formations in Avatar’s  Mountains (Zhangjiajie), Chinese countryside, rice fields in Longji, the futuristic city of Hangzhou, the architectonic marvel of Fenghuang and many more…

The author of more than 120 photos is the sinologist, interpreter and photographer, Pavel Dvorak, residing in China, who has also included his advice and tips for photographers.

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More about author:

The author of this guide, Pavel Dvorak, is an interpreter, guide, photographer and blogger. China and Chinese language are his passions since childhood. He has started to study Chinese when he was 15 years old. He has graduated Chinese studies in the Czech Republic. He first came to China in 2009I first came to China in 2009, he has been living in Shanghai since 2012. As a photographer and blogger he publishes books, pictures and articles mostly about China. His portfolio is at As an interpreter he translates from and to Chinese, English, Slovak/Czech languages. As a guide, he helps his clients to explore China and to see things, not many people can see.

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