The Paradise on Earth? Explore Bohemian Paradise!

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The Paradise on Earth? Explore Bohemian Paradise!

The UNESCO Geopark called “Bohemian Paradise” located in the northeast Bohemia, about 90 km from the capital Prague, offers a unique natural spectacle. And our new photo guide will unveil all you have to see!

Beautiful countryside is composed of sandstone cliffs and towers, mountain defiles, hills and deep valleys, extensive forests, lakes, wetlands and deposits of precious stones. In this lovely region you can admire the cultural treasures such as castles, ruins and preserved historic towns and villages and elements of landscape architecture. Author guide, photographer and traveler Vaclav Bacovsky adds his tips on accommodation, transport and photographically interesting locations.

Discover more than 70 amazing photographs including GPS location and photo tips and advice from the author Vaclav Bacovsky. Save offline map and all content to your device.

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More about author:

Vaclav Bacovsky in his professional live combines all of his great passions: photography, traveling, sports, and international affairs. Thanks to his work for the German Friedriech Naumann Stiftung foundation, where he works as a project manager, Vaclav was able to travel through much of Europe. He also works as a lecturer at the Charles University and a tennis coach. He started to pursue photography in 2008, not after the purchase of his first DSLR camera, but after attending a photogram workshop. Painting with light directly on a light-sensitive surface and the construction of his first analog camera was an experience that opened a completely new world to him. Since then, Vaclav became fully engrossed in photography, especially with landscape photography. His passion brought him to many countries throughout five continents. Professionally, Vaclav pursues product and event photography and writing travel guides for photographers. In his free time, besides landscape photography, he likes macro and abstract art and infrared architectural photography. Vaclav and his sister, Eliska Pivrncova, also write a blog about photography as a means of expression –


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