10 reasons why to photograph in Namibia!

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10 reasons why to photograph in Namibia!

Namibia is an South African country, who gained the independence as one of the last in the region. It is known for its stunning natural beauty apart from the diamond mining the country. You can explore two very different deserts – the Namib and Goby, beautiful coastline, the deepest canyon in Africa and national parks full of wildlife. So here is 10 reasons why to photograph in Namibia!


1) Namibia is safe country

The security situation is not good in many African countries. Namibia is a real safety oasis on the continent. It has one of the lowest density of population in the world and minimal criminality. If you know how to behave in the wild, there is nothing to worry about.

2) Namibia has a great infrastructure

Namibia has a well-maintained road network. Asphalt roads are the backbone connecting the major cities. The rest consists of unpaved but well-maintained, wide roads, where you can easily ride 70 miles per hour.

3) Namibia offers a variety of accommodation options

To make it clear, the number of hotels is limited, and they are usually labeled as “Lodge”. But most of them offer both:  luxury hotels class **** / *****, and camping with very decent facilities as well. So you can choose according to your budget.

4) Namibia is very diverse and colorful

Every photographer finds what he desires in the Namibia. There are deserts, grassy valleys, mountains, sea, rocky valleys, dry rivers and incredibly diverse fauna and flora. In the Namibia you can shoot all the great African tenner and most felines.

5) Namib Desert has the highest dunes of the world

Namibia has the highest sand dunes of the world with a height of over 300 m and dunes of various colors. You can learn more about photography in the desert  in the article 5 essential tips how to photograph in the desert.

6) Namibia is cheap

Namibia is not typical backpacker destination, but prices in general are lower than in South Africa.

7) Namib animals are truly wild

Unlike many reserves and parks in South Africa, in Namibia the animals live in true freedom and there are only few tourists, so the animals behave very naturally.

8) Locals are very friendly

The locals are helpful, caring and mostly satisfied with their lives. The staff in the tourist services always speaks English, German and Afrikaans.

9) Great food

The Namibia cuisine is very diverse and offers exotic meat, lots of vegetables and mostly the international cuisine is served as well. There is an excellent local beer and off course you need to taste the South African wine.

10) Namibia is crowdless

Unlike South Africa in Namibia are relatively few tourists. It is worth to avoid the local summer months, but otherwise it is generally year-round destination. More information can be found in our article When is the best time to travel to Namibia?


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