Incredible beauty of the Bohemian Switzerland landscape!

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Incredible beauty of the Bohemian Switzerland landscape!

Do you know where the name of “Bohemian Switzerland” comes from, what is the best time to visit and where are the best viewpoints to observe the breathtaking landscape?

We do! Our new photo & travel guide “Bohemian Switzerland” will lead you to many beautiful spots to visit in every season, weather or time of the day. 50 amazing photos (with exact GPS location) will show the picturesque beauty of the meadows and fields covered by rolling low mists in the sunrise, the stunning views from Vyleminina and Mariina lookouts, deep Kamenice river canyon or the famous Pravcicka gate, the largest sandstone rock bridge in Europe.


We recommend you the handy applications for landscape photographers, the most appropriate means of transport or car parking lots, the favorite accommodation and useful links.


How to get the guide?

It’s very simple:

  1. Download FREE application Fripito in AppStore or GooglePlay
  2. Choose Bohemian Switzerland guide
  3. Purchase it through AppStore or GooglePlay and download the guide to your device.


About author: Ondřej Prosický

The author studied geology at the Faculty of Science at Charles University and Technical University of Ostrava. From trips to active volcanoes and study of remote national parks, he got to intensive shooting of wild nature in 2004.

In his work, he focuses on photographing the wildlife. In his pictures, he wants to capture the behaviour of animals in their natural habitat in an imaginative way. His journeys into nature have brought him to most places of continental Europe, South Atlantic, the Arctic, Africa, Asia and he returns to the tropical areas of Central and South America to photograph animals every year. In the Czech Republic, apart from photography, he has been intensively promoting wildlife photography and raising awareness of the problems connected to the boom of nature photography not only in the protected areas and national parks.

He undertook hundreds of photographic trips to the Bohemian Switzerland national park in the last 10 years, be it to photograph animals or, under exceptional conditions, to shoot the breath-taking landscapes.

Among his clients are publishing houses and magazine publishers, advertising agencies and managements of national parks. In 2006, he started cooperating closely with the Czech representatives of Canon, which supports him actively on his photographic trips. He has been regularly sharing his experience in articles and lectures.

The author has been organizing photography workshops in the Czech Republic and the tropical area of Central America, which have been attended by over four hundred photographers. He has held thirty solo exhibitions and his greatest achievements include participation in the finals of the prestigious photographic competition Wildlife Photographer of the Year. He has been a member of the Association of Professional Photographers of the Czech Republic since 2009.

In May 20015, the Federation of European Photographers awarded Ondřej Prosický with the title of QEP (Qualified European Photographer) in the Wildlife Photography category and in the same year in Brussels, he won the FEP European Landscape Golden Camera award for his photo from Bohemian Switzerland. His most recent award is one of the main prizes in the Czech Press Photo competition.





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