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10 Qustions for: Leonardo Paris (Brasil)

10 Qustions for: Leonardo Paris (Brasil)

Leonardo Paris is young talented photographer from Brazil. We met first time at Prague,  when he was working on photo job for client. We started cooperation and the result is great photo guide for Rio de Janeiro. Here is 10 questions and answers about photography in Brazil and Leonardo himself.

How did you start with photography?

Well, when I was only eight, I used to take my mom’s camera to take landscape photos. I liked the surroundings. But in that time it was all about film cameras. We had to buy the film, pay to reveal…not impossible for the family photos, but quite unaffordable for landscape photos taken by a boy.
So, in 2004, when I was a statistics   intern in a school, I had the oportunity to work at the weekends and holidays. I earned R$100,00 by each weekend and during fifteen weekends I saved the money  to buy a Sony P92, a huge 5.0 megapixel camera in that time. It was such a compact camera and I took advantage of this feature carrying it on my pocket while strolling around in Rio. I had not to buy and reveal films any more and the results were instantaneous, like a polaroid. Perfect. What a great revolution. That’s how everything started.

Leonardo Paris - Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro. Photo by Leonardo Paris

What is you favorite photographic topic of Leonardo Paris?

Beauty (lol). Beauty moves me. Ok, I know that the question is about themes. Above all, the landscapes are my favorite. But the nude and sports photography brings huge interest. Its a pitty that I can not devote myself into learning (and saving money to buy the appropriate equipaments ) and practicing these themes. Time is also a constraint.

Are you full time professional photographer?

No – part time, and that’s just the reason I have no time. Unfortunately, professionally speaking, photography is a very (or was at that time ) restrictive activity due to the high costs. A 70-200mm, 2.8 canon lens costs R$ 10.000,00. Its ridiculous. A full frame camera – not the best – is between 8 and 10k. Its a lot. And even if you have the equipment, until the ‘engine’ starts you need a sponsor. And I just didnt think it was fair to convince my parents to spend such a money. So I’ve decided to go alone and do what was possible.

Leonardo Paris - Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro. Photo by Leonardo Paris

Is it complicated do photography for living at Brasil?

I dont think so. Its a matter of accessing the right target audience through the many free and high available marketing channels you have today. And of course, if you want to earn high, you have to be the best or to bring a lot of quality. You have to invest, go to courses and practice to be always updated, delivering what people want.

Many traveling photographers ask about safety in Brasil. What is real situation?

In general, as many touristic areas are located in the south zone, the overall safety level is good, but even here I avoid to carry my camera on hand. Its different than most cities in the world, where you can shoot freely and very unaffraid. Of course danger is present in many places and forms around the globe, but what worries about Rio is the general sense of unpredictability of these events. For tourists, my best advice is to always carry the camera inside their bags while not shooting and keep eyes wide open when in city center.

Leonardo Paris - Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro. Photo by Leonardo Paris

Can you recommend 3 must see photo locations in Brasil?

Choose just three is a pitty because the list is huge. But of course that coming here and don’t visiting Rio is like not visiting Brazil at all. Iguaçu Falls and Chapada dos Veadeiros is also beautiful.

What is your favorite camera or lens?

My current, discontinued Canon T2i (lol). Of course it is outdated but it was the one that brought quality to my photos, the one that helped me to capture beautiful family moments and since 2011, when I bought it, has never failed or broke.

Is there any dream photography job or destination for you?

Ohh yes. This is the best question to be answered. Its so good to dream, dont you think? Let me fly now… . If I had a full frame camera with a 70-200mm together with my current set of lenses, wich include a sigma 10-20mm, I would choose from these two:

1) travel the world, trying to depict its beauty and its reality. The beauty because we are failing on our unsustainable way of developing and people have to know what is being lost; the reality because we are loosing many people – specially children – to wars, drugs and misery in its all faces and I dont realize people around me worrying about these matters;


2) I would like to follow the day to day and the competitions of any team or athlete in an Olympic cycle to then tell the various stories behind the medals – or failures – about them.
The chance to capture ” that moment ” in wich the athlete executes the perfect movement, their pain, their trainning sessions, their glory…and bring it to the general audience is also a dream.

Leonardo Paris - Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro. Photo by Leonardo Paris

Do you see any difference between South American and US photography today?

This one I wouldnt know since Im not that deep into either photography knowledge. But what I ve seen so far is that both achieved a high level quality, but the american photography (commercial or not) is much more dependent on the product, on the perfect set than the brazilian. Maybe we are more creative on directing models, for example. But this is very personal, a perception between NY and Rio streets, not from academy or studies in the field.

Why did you choose become Fripito author?

Because I wanted to show my work and to be the first in Brazil – and in Rio – to be featured in the app. I always felt the need to show ‘my’ Rio to the people. And Fripito is all about getting to know, seeing and going to far, beautiful places. Fripito opens doors, gives you access with clear, safe directions and tips that is done by people who loves photography and take it very seriously.

In the other hand, when you travel, of course you want to bring photos that capture those incredible views you see just in front of your eyes, so why not to get the advice in your pocket? Why not to join everything together?

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5 Essential Tips for Visiting Metéora Monasteries

5 Essential Tips for Visiting Metéora Monasteries

Metéora monasteries are located in the northwest corner of Thessaly near the towns Kalampaka and Kastraki. This is  one of the most spectacular places to visit in Greece. Metéora means ‘suspended in air’ and it is a name for entire rock community of 24 monasteries on the top of almost inaccessible sandstone cliffs. The area of Meteora was originally settled by monks who lived in caves within the rocks during the 11th Century. It is a unique phenomenon of cultural heritage. The most important monasteries of Metéora are The Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron, The Holy Monastery of Varlaam, The Holy Monastery of Rousanou, The Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapausas, The Holy Monastery of St. Stephen and The Monastery of Holy Trinity. All these monasteries are on the top of Metéora rocks.

If you are looking for more in-deep tips, try our Metéora travel photo guide.


Basic facts about Metéora Monasteries

Country: Greece, Prefecture of Trikala, Region of Thessaly
Area: 271.87 ha
Language: Greek
Entrance fee: The entrance fee for all monasteries is 3 Euro per person.


Best Time of Year to Visit

Visit Meteora during shoulder season or off season if you want to make the most of your trip. Otherwise you will be  overrun by herds of tourists. Off season starts November and ends in March and during this time, you should have the park for yourself, although it can get a little foggy during fall. Spring might be the best option if you want to get the amazing views without the crowds.

Photo by Brendan Van Son


 Getting to and around Metéora

Kalambaka is the town at the base of Metéora offers exceptional connectivity and relative short distances to most of Greece’s major population centers, touristic places and transportation hubs. It can be reached by direct train or bus from Athens.

For getting around Metéora, you have 4 options – you can either rent a bicycle, scooter or car or go by bus. Getting around in car can be comfortable, but parking might be a challenge since you can only park in certain areas inside the park. The best option might be the scooter as it is cheap to rent, easy to park and definitely more comfortable for the climb up to the monasteries than bicycle.


Where to Stay and Eat

The nearest town of Kalambaka is the best choice and there are many hotels available. The town offers also many really nice restaurants, the region is well known around Greece for its traditional cuisine and especially the quality of its meats. The nearby village of Kastraki also offers a wide range of restaurants and taverns to choose from for lunch or dinner made with locally produced ingredients.

Meteora Monasteries
Photo by Brendan Van Son

How Much Time to Spend 

Plan to spend at least a full day at Metéora Monasteries, a full weekend is our recommendation. You will delight in the play of light on the rocks and their changing moods. On sunny mornings, the red roof tiles of the monasteries glisten in sharp contrast to the weather-stained grayness of the rocks. The late afternoon sun bathes the landscape with a golden glow. At nighttime, the rocks are dramatically illuminated by spotlights.


Visiting the Monasteries

Most of the monasteries are open to public from 10am to 4pm, depending on the season. The entrance fee to each is 3 Euro per person. To enter the monasteries you must respect a special dress code: long sleeves, covered shoulders, long sleeves, long pants or skirts.  Find out more attire tips here. Remember to carry bottled water, especially if you are visiting the monasteries by foot. There are refreshment vendors along the road by the monasteries but their prices are excessive.

Meteora Monasteries
Photo by Brendan Van Son



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Fripito travel guide for Metéora

Top 5 Places to Visit at Themes Bank in London (South of the River)

Top 5 Places to Visit at Themes Bank in London (South of the River)

London – The metropolis on the river Thames is one of the most picturesque places in the world. True paradise for every photographer. Magnificent architecture, colourful markets and cultural diversity are just some of the attractive spots and potentially amazing destinations one can find in less than a mile. So, it is all up to you to decide what to shoot first. But maybe you would like a professional advice, and thus you could have a chance to take unique photos of the vibrant city like London? In our guide, you can find the absolutely best places for a real adventure. That may result with some of the best pictures of city anyone has ever made.


1. London Eye

London’s Southbank is our location since it is a real hotspot with places like marvellous London Eye. Eye used to be the largest Ferris wheel in the world. It is still the largest in Europe but also one of the best viewing points in entire city.

London Eye


2. Tower Bridge

The bridge crosses the River Thames close to the Tower of London and has become an iconic symbol of London. Bridge is  also one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. It is one of the most visited attractions in London and  has stood over the River Thames since 1894. The bridge deck is freely accessible to both vehicles and pedestrians. Check the new  Tower Bridge’s Glass Walkway, one of London’s most unique experiences.

Tower Bridge


3. Borough Market

Perhaps the most colourful destination for every photographer in the city is the famous Borough Market. In this magnificent place, one can capture not only food sellers and their products but also human engagement and determination to show you magnificent culinary knowledge.

Borough Market


4. City Hall

The south bank of the river Thames is indeed a paradise for photographers, and one of the most interesting spots is surely the house of the Mayor of London, the great City Hall. Its magnificent and environmentally friendly architecture will enthral and inspire you to make unique photos, the ones no one else has ever made.

City Hall


5. The O2 Arena

The world’s busiest indoor arena, with numerous events being organised throughout the whole year is a frequent spot for many photographers who visit city. The grandiose building of the O2 Arena, named after its primary sponsor, is a place where almost all social gatherings occur on a daily basis.

Therefore, in case you decide to visit the city on the Thames, then spring and fall are the best options, for the city will inevitably offer you the best pictures during these two seasons of the year.

O2 Arena


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