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Do not wait for Santa Claus and make yourself happy now.


Special Offer! 25% OFF all guides RIGHT NOW!

Limited time only! From Dec 19 till Dec 21, 2014.

Each guide is offering not only information about accommodation, food and transport, but mainly tips on where to find interesting spots, local light conditions, recommended equipment and camera settings.

To download Fripito app, go to the AppStore or Google Play (link on on the right at the top of this page). Once you download it choose your guide, open it and on the sales page click on the price. The guide will be saved to your device (smart phone or tablet).

The discount applies to these complete guides:

You can download all the necessary data (including maps) to your device before your trip eliminating the need for Internet connection or signal coverage, making it easy to consult our guides in the middle of Bolivia or Philippines.

Photo page with EXIF data and photo tips
Photo page with EXIF data and photo tips

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