Summer is here and so it is time for latest Fripito update!

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We launched the fundraising campaign on in March 2014. One month later, when it became clear that our expectations were unrealistic, we decided to extend the campaign and work on our communication strategy.

The second part of the campaign ended on June 2, 2014 and thanks to generous Czech donors, we have raised almost USD 6,000. A great achievement for a Czech startup, unfortunately it was not enough to cover the planned expenses and the money arrived two months later than expected. We are hardly the first or the last to underestimate the importance of international communication and while we did very well in the Czech Republic, our project was hardly noticed abroad. It was a valuable lesson.

Not wanting to cry over spilled milk or compromise, we have decided to approach potential investors to finish Fripito as planned. We decided to prioritize the negotiations with investors, so we might do Fripito according to our ideas. Although it has delayed the placing of application in the Appstore, but we believe that it makes sense.

We are proud to announce that we have found an investor and the work on our application continues as planned. We have hired a new team member to work on the Android version of our app and the cooperation with our team of photographers is getting smoother by the day.

The application should be available in the Czech AppStore in August 2014. The global version should be available in September, both for iOS and Android, which will erase the initial delay and put as back on track.

Thank you for your support, please stay with us, the final version is coming in two months.

Honza Březina, Fripito founder

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