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Ready to be amazed? Sicily!

Sicily’s beautiful beaches and wild rocky coastlines are not the only attractions that will leave you absolutely enchanted. Just like in other parts of Italy, you will feel as if you were transported back a few centuries.

Admire the charming medieval towns with their narrow winding streets, or the magnificent Greek temples with their ornate columns such as The Doric temple of Segesta, The Temple of Hera in Selinunte, or The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento.

Experience the beautiful nature and take a walk along the beautiful trails in the Zingaro Nature Reserve, or learn about the original inhabitants of Sicily and visit one of the many Sicilian caves, for example the Grotta Mangiapane, and of course, don’t forget to taste the local Mediterranean cuisine and fine wines from the local vineyards. If you are interested in the secrets of sea salt making, visit the salt flats of Nubia near Trapani and learn about sea salt.

Do you like movies about the Sicilian Mafia and can’t get the gangsters out of your head?  Book a guided tour and experience Catania on the east coast of Sicily.

It’s very simple:

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  2. Choose “Western Sicily” guide
  3. Purchase it through AppStore or GooglePlay and download the guide to your device.

Author of Sicily guide: Jacquelynn Buck (author of Arizona guide )

More about Jacquelynn:
I am a: full-time, totally enamored Pro photographer {#dreamlife}, Foodie {#sotasty}, wine-lover {#drinkme}, travel junkie {#takemethere #morethanonce} + coffee addict {#wakemeup}

I am a: philosophical, introspective dreamer and an energetic, outgoing, dynamic do-er.

I write {travelblog} when it moves me. I love to cook. I adore rooftop bars {#viewfromthetop} and look for one in every city I love, live and travel to. I am obsessed with quotes. Fresh flowers make me happy. But photography makes me smile. Sometimes in that shy, delighted, just meeting someone kind of way. Sometimes in that broad ear to ear grin kind of way. Still. And hopefully always. This is a world that I belong to that I embrace fearlessly, distinctively, with just a touch of sparkle and a little bit more than a little bit of sass.

I own a boutique portrait and wedding studio, and have for 9 years. Yes, I love and live to travel, and capture everything I can along the way. And yes, it is business {#hardwork}, but it’s primarily a love affair. A journey. A surprise around every corner. A connection with the unexpected. An opportunity to meet with people who share my drive. A chance to explore the sides of me that are vibrant, bold, colorful. An ever-shifting balance between what is unique and ordinary, simple and complex, real and imaginary. Photography is a challenge. And a delight. And it was a fork in my road, the path less traveled, but the one I’m glad I chose. This is my story. And the story continues because I don’t just do it. I teach it. To be inspired and to inspire, to seduce and be seduced. This is the heady thought that wakes me up every morning, that reminds me that today…today and every day… I get to do what I love. And pass that on to others.

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