Explore Florence iconic Tuscan gem & charming Cinque Terre!

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Explore Florence iconic Tuscan gem & charming Cinque Terre!

Meet two absolutely iconic places of Italy  – Florence, the most beautiful city of Tuscany, and picturesque area of Cinque Terre.

You will just love the city of Florence small by its size but rich by sights. It’s the place where the Renaissance was born and where you can admire the beauty of Michelangelo’s David, art of Leonardo da Vinci, beautiful architecture and unique atmosphere. We will explore together the most iconic places as famous Ponte Vecchio, Piazza del Duomo with Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Piazzale Michelangelo, Abbazia di San Miniato al Monte, Piazza della Signoria with Palazzo Vecchio etc.. and unveil the best tips for photographers.

And imagine the traffic-free place where you can watch the waves smashing on the steep coast, enjoy sunrise and sunset above fishing villages and eat a lot of gelato…this is Cinque Terre – five charming villages built on the dramatic cliffs of the Italian coast. We will guide you through Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore and climb up in the Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre with spectacular views on the coastline.

Almost 50 beautiful pictures with GPS location, photo tips and useful travel information.

In the first week after its launch, the “Florence – Cinque Terre” guide will be available for download for a discounted price of 2.99 USD (the offer is valid until April 5th,2016).


It’s very simple:

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More about author Brendan van Son (author of Cuba guide and Metéora guide)

Brendan is a travel photographer and journalist from a small town in Canada called Rocky Mountain House. After completing degrees in Political Science and Geography in 2008 he headed to South America to take a job that paid him only $50 a week, but allowed him to travel. He knew within 3 days of arriving in South America that he’d never stop traveling, that he needed to find a way to meld travel into his career, no matter what it took.

Over 5 years later now, he’s visited around 80 countries on 6 different continents.  He’s done some crazy things like drive a $600 scooter down the west side of Africa.  He’s done some amazing things, as well. He counts his blessings that he is able to live this lifestyle.

In the 5 years since he’s engaged in the life of a travel photographer and journalist his work has been in a number of major publications such as The Guardian. His travels themselves have also been featured in various major media outlets such as the BBC, National Geographic Traveler, and others.

He has no intention of slowing down. So if you like traveling and photos, follow his blog http://www.brendansadventures.com.


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