Kyrgyzstan, paradise for photographers!

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Kyrgyzstan, paradise for photographers!

Do you love mountains, valleys and lakes? New Fripito guide will take you to the Kyrgyzstan, central Asian country that will enchant you with its beautiful and untouched landscape. You can expect really high dramatic mountains, glaciers, lakes and valleys. Simply embark far from the civilization, taste the fermented mare’s milk and try to sleep in the traditional yurt.

More than a third of the country lies at an altitude over 3000m a.s.l. so you can enjoy short or long treks in the wild nature through the mountain peaks, passes and plateaus. The breathtaking view will be enhanced by a herd of wild horses and wandering shepherds and their goats and sheep. The guide offers several options of trekking in the beautiful countryside under the highest peaks of the Tien Shan, near glaciers Engilchek, Polana Merzbacherta and Teleti Valley to the Lake Alakol and famous lake Issyk-kul.

The map and all information of the Kyrgyzstan guide can be saved offline into your mobile devices.


It’s very simple:

  1. Download FREE application Fripito in AppStore or GooglePlay
  2. Choose “Untouched Beauty of Kyrgyzstan” guide
  3. Purchase it through AppStore or GooglePlay and download the guide to your device.

If you wish to download more guides, activate your Premium subscription and get all guides for the price of one.

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