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A warm and sunny inspiration!

If you don’t  like a gray sky, rainy days and cold mornings, get ready to travel towards the warm and sunny places with one of our guides! In a few hours flight, you will get a better mood. And with great tips for photographers, which you can find in every guide, you will come back with beautiful memories. 🙂

Find some inspiration for your trip in our app:

Azores– ever-green and ever-blooming island offers a pleasant warm climate all year round, breathtaking views of volcanic peaks, lakes, waterfalls, tea plantations and wild coast.

Madeira – a small beautiful island near the west african coast with fabulous nature. It will astonish you with preserved laurel and eucalyptus forests covering the steep hills, with volcanic peaks offering an amazing panoramic views or many waterfalls, wild hydrangeas, sterilizes and hibiscus along the roads.

Canary Islands – you can spend hours on the famous beautiful beaches or you can explore many natural attractions such as: volcanic caves, turquoise lake with small white crabs, amazing sand dunes, unique “Moon” landscape…The guide offers you great tips on taking panoramic views of these beautiful islands.

Dubai– if you’re more urban type and you love a luxury and comfort, then you better fly to Dubai. It is a city of contrasts and world top records boasting its skyscrapers, shopping malls or aquarium, but also a traditional neighborhoods with local markets where you can soak up the local atmosphere and culture.

Sicily – if you are more the Greek sights admirer, you hate a tourist crowd and you like the temperature slightly below 20 °C, so head to Sicily. Here you can relax, enjoy the atmosphere of ancient Greece and taste the Mediterranean cuisine and fine wines.

If you prefer more exotic destinations, we recommend the following guides:

Safari in the South Africa – amazing nature full of wild animals, deep canyons, pinguins on the beach and famous vineyards giving a great wine (the guide includes a daily program)

Philippines – as beautiful as Thailand, but less touristic. Enjoy the sea, turquoise lagoons, deserted beaches and tropical forest


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