The most beautiful waterfalls of Iceland

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The most beautiful waterfalls of Iceland

Iceland is magical place with endless variety of photographic motives. Waterfalls are the most unique ones. You can find hundreds of them. We choosed the five most interesting waterfalls, which you cannot miss when visiting Iceland. If you are looking for more tips, try our Iceland travel guide for photographers. Our special offer 50% off is valid till August 23rd!


1. Gullfoss

The most popular waterfall Gullfoss is the nearest to Reykjavík. It is the greatest waterfall of Iceland. Gullfoss is a part of famous “Golden triangle”. You will reach it under an hour of driving from capital of Iceland. We recommend the winter season or late evening by summer. It is the only chance for peaceful photographing without thousands of tourists. July sunset at Iceland starts close to midnight so you can visit Gullfoss after 10pm. Most of tourists will rest in the hotels. The Waterfall is accessible just from the west side so avoid the morning shooting in contra light.

Zimní Island


2. Godafoss

My favourite Iceland waterfall. You will find it in the north east part of island near lake Mývatn. It is close to main route no. 1 and there are parking lots less then mile away. You can photograph Godafoss from above and below as well. Doesn’t matter what part of day, it is pure beauty. Be careful when taking pictures from the river bank. There is a lot of water spray in the wind.




3. Dettifoss

The waterfall with the biggest volume of water on Iceland. You can almost touch it because the edge of waterfall is accessible from both sides. Doesn’t matter if you choose road 864 or 862. You will see 4 gorgeous waterfalls at 30 miles trip. Dettifoss is less then 2 miles of walking away from parking and it is worth it. The best light comes before noon. This place is most impressive with low clouds with gloomy atmosphere.



4. Svartifoss

Svartifoss is in the heart of Skaftafell national park. It is more then 3 miles of walking, but you will love it. Large water volume  shatters at basalt rocks. There is an amazing contrast of black rocks and white water stream that looks great at pictures. Use polarize filter to catch it.

Expedice Iceland 2010


5. Hraunfossar

Hundreds of small water streams cover more then 300 feeds long rock wall. You will find it in the north west part of Iceland. It has great light by afternoon or evening at sunny days. You can reach bank of river 500 feeds downstream. The bank is wild and dangerous but photos taken there are stunning.

Barnafossar, Iceland


Iceland is endless source of waterfalls, glaciers, rock deserts, wild coastlines and black beaches.

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