Enjoy Dubai, the city of luxury and superlatives!

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Enjoy Dubai, the city of luxury and superlatives!

Do you remember the stories of the Thousand and One Night?

The far-off magic and mystery of the Orient? If you were enraptured by Scheherazade’s storytelling, our new photo guide gives you the opportunity to return to that one place that can take your breath away.

Dubai is a place where you not only encounter the traditional Muslim culture, see picturesque architecture, get to know Arab customs, and experience their markets, but it is also a place which will amaze you with its multiculturalism and modernity.

Thanks to the support of Arab visionaries, this place features incredible buildings from the “tomorrow land”. The city is full of skyscrapers made of glass and metal, interiors gleam with gold, and most of Dubai’s attractions are one of the most impressive in the world: the world’s tallest skyscraper, the world’s biggest shopping mall, largest aquarium, largest marina with most exclusive yachts, and, of course, let’s not forget the largest man-made island, which can be seen from space. Add the beautiful endless beaches, brilliant turquoise sea and bright blue sky.

How to get the guide?

It’s very simple:

  1. Download FREE application Fripito in AppStore or GooglePlay
  2. Choose “Dubai” guide
  3. Purchase it through AppStore or GooglePlay and download the guide to your device.

Renata Burianova is the zealous photographer, author of Dubai guide. She was introduced to photography by her dad, when she was 13. She started with FLEXARET and ZENIT, now she works only with Canon. She is charmed by the possibilities in this field in relation to IT technology and is nearly becoming a collector of applications and post-processing programs.

Photographer’s hand should be steady. Her is not. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, young onset. She is thus among those few patients struck with the disease before reaching 40. Some pictures are not sharp enough and this is why. She tries to compensate for her handicap by using faster shutter speeds. Photography helps her find joy in every day and so she says: “I photograph and I am here!”

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