Explore Washington D.C. – amazing US Capital!

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Explore Washington D.C. – amazing US Capital!

Washington D.C. is well known as the residence of the American President and as the seat of US Government. But apart from the White House and the US Capitol Building, you have a lot of other amazing places to see! So take a deep breath and make a first step on your really long walk through American history…

Washington D.C. was built as a Capital of US on a place picked up by the first American President George Washington in 1790. And the city is full of references to American history. Great way how to explore Washington D.C. is to start your visit at the National Mall. Check out our photo guide and take the path to the Lincoln, Jefferson or Washington Memorial, Reflecting or Tidal Pool. And we will not miss the beautiful Great Falls and Georgetown and Rosslyn!

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More about author, American Photographer Daniel Suh:

Professional photographer who specializes in landscapes. He is a traveler who is in awe of natural beauty revealing divine attributes pleasing to the sight. Daniel loves telling stories through his pictures which are interwoven with emotions of peace, joy, love, and strength.

He was born in Los Angeles and has traveled around the world to places like Philippines, South Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, England to name a few. After having lived in Washington DC for 5 years, he is now living in Oklahoma where he is discovering beauty in a place filled with tornados, earthquakes, harsh weather patterns, and thriving farm-life. He enjoys spending time in the nature and sharing his experiences with the world through mediums such as Instagram, blogging, and Facebook.

Daniel was published 3 times in The Oklahoman since 2016 for his photography.


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